PIG’OH born from a friendship, and his story begins in mid-2012. Marco and Ilaria know. They could not be more different. Ok that opposites attract, but nothing leads to the presumption that they can have a common goal, the motivation to pursue it and the strength to try.


In 2013 created the first objects, characterized by the re-use: the TAP line, earrings and necklaces made with metal caps that close the corks of wine bottles. In 2014 the continuous experimentation led to the creation of the RE-line series, minimalist necklaces that combine elements of a construction site: rubber tubes, copper fittings, bolts. In the same period they started working with the first shop, and there are the first requests for products from private customers. 2015 born the Plexi Line, bracelets fully customizable polycarbonate, and begins the production of the line Electro, necklaces and bracelets that combine the playful energy of electrical cables coated fabric with the use of the olive wood parquet. In parallel to life the line of furnishings, also the result of the transformation of the existing, like the CULT Chair and library SUPPORT ME. In the same year the first participation in the event Recycle and Co. during the Internazionale festival in Ferrara enshrines the true beginning of the vocational route. In 2016 PIG’OH loses hobby shape and takes on the form of the profession. Marco left his previous job and devoted himself completely to PIG’OH project. Start the path of growth by seeking new skills and participation in events such as the FUORISALONE and HOMI exhibition.


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She loves the water that takes away gravity, cats, tattoo, watching the trailers at the cinema, the aesthetic and miraculous effect ot the perfect order.

Often she still asks herself what she will do once adult; definitely not a dancer nor an astronaut.

About Marco she says:
“It’s a kind of generous hyperkinetic hitherto unknown to me up to now”

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He lives in the creative chaos, is crazy about Nutella, loves the smell of wood and the suspension that gives the fog in the Po valley winters. For him something is beautiful only if functional, that places him, he said, proudly, the opposite polar of the Architecture.

About Ilaria he says:
“Go with her in a ironmongery is like bringing a child to Disneyland”